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Despite my lack of posts over the past week, I have not allowed my social media connections to fail. I attended a Chicago American Marketing Association event on Tuesday, ‘Marketing in Action’ at Second City. It was a very interactive event where we used Twitter before, during and after, along with text messaging to communicate with the panelists as they worked together on a strategic business plan before our eyes. It was very engaging and opened up some connections for me in the Twitter world.

One of my favorite takeaways from the event (a takeaway which has absolutely nothing to do with social media) was the ‘Yes, and…’ concept. Instead of focusing on the things that are wrong with ideas and concepts when brainstorming in a business meeting, reply by building upon what others are saying. So, “I think we should do x to achieve this business goal” “Yes, and I think y and z could also help with that initiative”. I need to commit to using this concept ASAP!

Another funny thing happened with Twitter. I was sending messages with someone I haven’t talked to in years, and mentioned the company I work with. Lo and behold the next day, my Director showed me how he had a Twitter feed with our company name on his LinkedIn homepage. Sure enough, there was my post. Something to keep in mind for the future: think about how my posts can be searched, and use caution!


I love this presentation! I guess Slideshare is another sort of social networking site, although I would use it more to view presentations than to post them. Don’t worry, there is a ‘G’ rated version of this presentation as well… Anyways, interestingly enough Marta includes all the ways you can socially network with her, so I will be adding her to Twitter, and includng her Blog on my blogroll:

P.S. Spending far more than an hour a day on this, but it’s FUN!

Recommended a former coworker on LinkedIn, and got in touch with someone from high school on Twitter! All before noon on a Saturday… pretty good! Hopefully I will do some things today that I can Yelp about!

So as I write, I am installing Twhirl at the recommendation of a friend. Apparently no one updates Twitter from the web anymore… So it’s a program that shows updates from your desktop. I can have it show my facebook updates too (I just can’t quite figure that part out yet).

I’m really starting to think I should build a website with my iWeb 09. It’s so cool and looks like it could be fairly easy/fun. Something to start thinking about…

So I forgot a few ‘networks’ I’m on. LinkedIn. And I guess I could consider Nike+ a social network as well, especially after running 3.8 miles over lunch! I logged in today and set a goal: 12 runs over the next 4 weeks. I think that’s attainable, since  I’m supposed to be running 3 days per week over lunch, so that right there should push me over my goal.

As I spend my first official ‘hour-only’ foray into keeping up on being totally networked, I am feeling optimistic. I can’t lie, I cheated a little and looked at Twitter and Facebook during work today, but that’s ok, right?

To become ever more efficient in my social networking ways, I have created a favorites list and added it to my bookmarks bar in Safari as an autoclick – so one click, and it launches all my sites in tabs. AWESOME!

My biggest questions still lie with twitter – hashtags? Anyone? I don’t rightly understand them quite yet. Here is what I found:
1) You follow ‘hashtags’, they in turn follow you.
2) You go to their website, and can see what’s going on in the corresponding hashtag area.
That’s all – once I get there, I am lost – how do I easily search for subject matter? I will work on this.

I’m also coming along on this blog. I added tags to this post! Now there is a step in the right direction. Any tips?
Guilty Pleasure: Celebrity Gossip: Have you seen Robert Pattinson on the cover of GQ? Here are the outtakes. Love. It.

Do you Tweet? Yelp? Fbook? Myspace?

Well, my friends, I do. And I’m going to do it in only an hour per night. Sounds crazy, right? Yep, I agree.

After being a member of Facebook and Myspace for about 5 years now, I want to see what all the hype is about these other sites. I joined Twitter last night (brandiheinz, follow me!) and Yelp today (not sure how you can add me yet, I’ll get back to ya on that one). I never saw the point of wasting all my time on these sites; so, my goal is to spend 1 hour total each night making updates in addition to this blog. Seems pretty impossible, but I’m confident. I’ll keep you updated!

Oh yeah, any suggestions for other sites I should be joining?

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