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Day Two: I’m totally networked!

Posted on: March 20, 2009

So I forgot a few ‘networks’ I’m on. LinkedIn. And I guess I could consider Nike+ a social network as well, especially after running 3.8 miles over lunch! I logged in today and set a goal: 12 runs over the next 4 weeks. I think that’s attainable, since  I’m supposed to be running 3 days per week over lunch, so that right there should push me over my goal.

As I spend my first official ‘hour-only’ foray into keeping up on being totally networked, I am feeling optimistic. I can’t lie, I cheated a little and looked at Twitter and Facebook during work today, but that’s ok, right?

To become ever more efficient in my social networking ways, I have created a favorites list and added it to my bookmarks bar in Safari as an autoclick – so one click, and it launches all my sites in tabs. AWESOME!

My biggest questions still lie with twitter – hashtags? Anyone? I don’t rightly understand them quite yet. Here is what I found:
1) You follow ‘hashtags’, they in turn follow you.
2) You go to their website, and can see what’s going on in the corresponding hashtag area.
That’s all – once I get there, I am lost – how do I easily search for subject matter? I will work on this.

I’m also coming along on this blog. I added tags to this post! Now there is a step in the right direction. Any tips?
Guilty Pleasure: Celebrity Gossip: Have you seen Robert Pattinson on the cover of GQ? Here are the outtakes. Love. It.


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