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Stranger Danger

Posted on: April 2, 2009

Stranger Danger

I decided to check myself out on the Internet. Now that I’m on all these networks, I decided I should see what ‘Strangers’ can see about me. I’ve been pretty careful in the past, and in recent times have done a decent job of monitoring the things I post… but after my Tweet showing up for my director, and getting a notification that my exboyfriend was ‘following’ me on Twitter, I think I better re-examine!

When I Googled my Full Name, the first 3 results that came up were for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

1) Facebook didn’t have my picture, but it did have the groups I’m in and what I’m a fan of, which includes my school and organizations I’m in. I went into my account settings and changed everything so that JUST my friends could see everything, and in ‘Search result content’, unchecked ‘My friends list’ and ‘Pages I am a fan of’. Now you really can’t see anything personal about me at all, just that I’m on Facebook. Switching into ‘Image’ search, there was an image of me attributed to facebook, so hopefully that has been changed now that I fixed my settings.

2) LinkedIn had my current workplace and school, but since it’s for professional networking, I think that’s ok. Just for the heck of it, I decided to check out the account settings and see what my options are. There are a few options to limit what is shown, but off the company you currently work for shown at the top of the screen is not possible. Little Scary…

3) Twitter was the freakiest – it showed a message I sent someone telling them where I work. Creepy. More account settings… ‘Protect My Updates’ needed to be checked.

Other things that showed up were my school records and running times, messages I had posted to my school’s blog using my full name, and a whole bunch of information that wasn’t me (nothing compromising, PHEW)

So the moral of the story is: I thought I was being careful, but it’s still pretty easy to find personal things out about ya, so be cautious!

Update 1: Unprotected my Twitter account updates after a coworker told me he felt creepy having to ask to follow me. Hopefully they will enable more variations to their security in the future.

Update 2: Removed the screen shot images on this post after I was told it was a little hypocritical to post about security then show my information on the shots… point taken!


1 Response to "Stranger Danger"

Yes I am very careful not to use my full name on anything, I use a pseudonym when I write and post comments. My main concern is someone finding my son, really, it’s not about me:)

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