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Social Media CupcakesI have a presentation for my company tomorrow on Social Media. It’s a Lunch and Learn, so I figured I could at least provide dessert. Behold, social media cupcakes!

I came up with this idea initially and wasn’t sure if it would actually come to fruition. Some may call it being bored, but I call it being inspired by awesome social media entrepreneurs like @foiledcupcakes. I decided to spend my Thursday night baking up a storm and creating banana and chocolate fudge cupcakes topped with Twitter, Facebook and Yammer icons made out of Lorna Doone cookies and icing.

I decided to share my masterpiece with you – enjoy!

Ingredients: Cake Mix + ingredients, white icing, Lorna Doone 100 Cal packs, blue cookie icing.

How-to: Bake the cupcakes per the cake mix package directions. Put blue cookie icing on the backside of the mini Lorna Doone Cookies and let set. Put a spoonful of white icing into a ziplock bag and poke a very small hole in one of the corners. I practiced creating the letters for a while before I actually started to pipe them onto the cookies. Lastly, I iced each cupcake with the white icing and put an iced cookie on top. Voila!

The Ingredients

The Ingredients

Creating the icons

Creating the Icons

Assembling the Cupcakes

Assembling the Cupcakes

Yummy Social Media Cupcakes!

Yummy Social Media Cupcakes!


I recently came across a newly updated version of this presentation that I LOVED!

One year later, Marta Kagan has updated her ‘What the F is Social Media’ presentation with new stats—and pressed the envelope a little further with some of her commentary. My favorite slide? “Social Media is like Word of Mouth on Steroids.” I’ve used that quote in presentations already. Other things that have changed:

  • There are now 13 million articles on Wikipedia (compared with 4 million last year)
  • Over 100 million videos existed on YouTube last year, whereas now about 100 million are viewed per day
  • Last year, Twitter made one appearance (in a montage photo). This year, it’s mentioned at least 5 times

Congrats on getting mentioned on!

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