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Getting Artfully Crafted with Blue Moon

Posted on: January 13, 2010

Painting the Blue Moon Mural!

That's me... Painting the Blue Moon Mural!

Do brands ever do something that really catch your eye? Make you notice them? Actually engage you? It doesn’t happen often, so I was impressed when Blue Moon caught my attention not once, but twice.

Long ago (this past fall), in a place far, far away (Milwaukee), I was given a paintbrush and told I’d be painting a masterpiece. Right there at the Milwaukee Wine Festival, as I drank a Blue Moon Belgian White Ale in the Blue Moon Brewing Company booth, I hand-painted the billboard they’d be putting up somewhere in Milwaukee. I thought it was so cool I even asked my sister to take a photo. I signed my name on the artist block, and I thought that was it.

Then, as I was watching TV a few weeks ago, their first-ever television commercial came on. You may recognize the new ad (video below). The commercial instantly brought back my memory of painting, and I thought it did such an interesting job of carrying that feeling through the theme and bringing the artistry to the masses. I jumped up, ran to the fridge, and grabbed a Blue Moon.

Ok, so I didn’t do that (though I DO have Blue Moon in the refrigerator right now). The Blue Moon Art Project is a uniquely interactive campaign. As I’ve looked into it further, it builds upon their 2007-2008 contest that called for Blue Moon-inspired art.

I love this interactivity. I challenge Blue Moon Brewing Company to keep it up and embrace the digital art world. There are so many untapped avenues they can take to continue to be Artfully Crafted.

What’s the last marketing campaign that inspired you?


6 Responses to "Getting Artfully Crafted with Blue Moon"

Interaction has a lot of opportunity in marketing. Anything to engage the consumer and get them thinking about the product. I enjoyed this Blue Moon commercial as well.

This sounds very similar to an initiative that Ford is doing w/ the new Fiesta…only it’s little-known musicians writing jingles after spending time test driving the car. Friend of mine wrote two jingles already.

Will this get me to engage w/Ford on the new car. Probably not. But if my friend is selected to do the jingle I’ll be content to enjoy watching the commercials.

Blue Moon has caught my eye, too, Brandi! They were doing the same mural thing at a Chicago wine tasting event I attended this summer near Millennium Park. I’ve been a big fan of the beer for several years, and I was reminded of the interactive campaign as recently as this weekend as I was sitting in a bar deciding what drink to order. I didn’t actually order Blue Moon in that case, so I’m not sure what that says about me or the campaign, but I’m glad to hear someone else has taken notice, as well. Have you tasted their pumpkin-flavored beer yet? I definitely recommend it!

as an ad creative who works on blue moon, i have to say this post warms my heart.

as an ad creative that works on blue moon, i have to say this post warms my heart and makes me feel really good about what i do.


I want to know where I can get a copy of the mural, I love the way it looks and want one for my house!

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