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I realized today how many emails I get notifying me about Whitepapers, Webinars, articles and other information on marketing. It’s almost overwhelming! If you are away from your email for any extended amount of time during typical business hours, you return to an inbox full of relevant (and not-so-relevant) promotional email messages or eNewsletters. I have a hard time sorting through all the good information, no less sorting through the unneeded information. I’m always afraid I will somehow miss that one article I need to read.

In reviewing my email inbox, I’ve decided to compile the top sources that deliver marketing trends and information right to my inbox:

  1. B@B: As a B2B marketer, this email never wastes my time with B2C marketing information. I know the recommendations, tips and statistics are relevant to my marketing programs and I can immediately see where I stand. You can sign up here.
  2. MarketingProfs: I especially recommend the ‘Get to the Point’ series (I think I rave about this every week on Twitter). They are short little ‘snippets’ of relevant information, plus they only take a minute to read. You can opt in to any of the many versions of information. I personally am signed up for the Email Marketing and Customer Insight emails – AND as I write this, I just opted in to 4 more. I ALWAYS read these emails. Even if I’m running away from my desk when any of the versions hit my inbox, I always flag them so I can followup on it later. You can sign up here.
  3. MarketingSherpa: MarketingSherpa was one of the first programs I signed up for. They were studying email and online marketing trends long before most other programs I was subscribed to. There is a wealth of information available on their website, and their emails even give you special access to locked information. My favorite program from them is their ‘Chart of the Week’ that’s sent out every Tuesday. You can sign up here.
  4. MarketingExperiments: A division of MarketingSherpa, MarketingExperiments looks at the analytical side of marketing, testing EVERYTHING! Their monthly clinics are interactive and very interesting. You can sign up here.
  5. Your Vendors: Make sure you are signed up for your vendors’ email programs. You ensure that you are getting up-to-date product information, as well as tips and tricks on how to optimize your use of your products. The really good vendors also share general industry best practices and guidance. One of my favorite programs is from our email marketing program, Silverpop EngageB2B because there is always a solid mix of product info and email marketing advice in their emails. Oh, and Silverpop has B2C advice too! You can sign up here.

What are your favorite sources of marketing information? I’m always looking for more! I am particularly interested in more information on social media marketing. Suggestions?


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