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I don’t recall exactly how many contacts I had on Twitter on Friday morning. What I do know: it was well south of 100 for both people I was following and followers.

I had noticed #FollowFriday before, but never spent time looking into it because, well, it’s Friday and I work or I’m heading out to do something non-computer related on Friday nights. But since I was off on Good Friday and didn’t have much else to do, I started scanning the recommendations. Here’s what they look like:#FollowFriday

It was contagious; I added a few people, then those people were making recommendations, and then people were adding me, and lo and behold after spending a few hours with #FollowFriday, I had around 150 ‘Tweeps’ I was following and a similar amount of followers. To find more people of interest, I went to and searched #FollowFriday with keywords such as ‘social media’ and ‘marketing’ to find people of interest.
With so many new people to follow and keep up on, I asked for tips and recommendations to keep track of everything more easily. Tweetdeck was suggested again and again, so I decided to try it. It’s not the fanciest looking program and I haven’t quite figured out how to take advantage of all the functionality, but it definitely helps me keep track of everything without having multiple Safari windows open.

My new TweetDeck setup

My new TweetDeck setup

Basically, you have a column of your friends, a column for direct messages, and a column for replies. From there, you can run new searches that add more columns. So, I now have columns for my #FollowFriday searches along with searches on products at my work. I also added a column of ‘Favorites’ to keep track of people I know provide valuable information as I sift through all the new messages. Another benefit: Tweetdeck also shortens URLs for you and allows you to reTweet messages very easily.
A few days later, I’ve sifted through and followed back people, unfollowed others, and I am now following 224 people and am up to 239 followers. The key is, not all are legitimate: get rich quick, business developers, random people. But, I have made connections with some really interesting people and am looking forward to more #FollowFridays!


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