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Despite all this talk about goals and the New Year, running hasn’t been at the top of my list. I have a lot going on, and running’s often the first thing to slide (not to mention I’m a fair-weather runner and despise treadmills:) ).

Yesterday I ran across another reason to love Nike+. I decided to end my 3-month running hiatus and start incorporate running into my workout routine again. My first run was slow, but it felt great!

Of course, I took my trusty iPod Nano and logged my run with the Nike+ system.  I returned from the run and immediately plugged my iPod into my computer so I could let all my Facebook and Twitter friends see what I’d done. Then I went to the Nike+ website to review my run.

I didn’t expect what I saw: there was a screen congratulating me on great 2009! It had a list of my accomplishments and stats:

  • I ran a total of 173 miles
  • I burned 12,834 calories
  • My average pace was 8:43/mi
  • Most of my runs were ‘Awesome’
  • I ran the most on Mondays
  • I usually ran in the mornings

How cool is that? Share on Facebook? Why yes, yes I will! I would’ve never known these accomplishments if I hadn’t had Nike+.

My new motivation? I have to beat my 2009 numbers!

My 2009 Running Rundown


If you’ve read my previous post, I’m a big fan of Nike+ and the way Nike is creating a social community with their website. It gets better: I found Nike+ applications for Twitter and Facebook!

I’ve been using the Twitter application for some time now. It’s really easy to set up. Just visit and follow the instructions. Every time you sync a run, it will automatically generate a Twitter post for you. It also uses the #nikeplus hashtag, so you can find other people who are syncing runs and connect with them.

Nike+ status update on Twitter

Nike+ status update on Twitter

I just set up the Facebook application, so I haven’t had as much experience with it. I turned off my status updates, but it still posts my run to my profile. Search for ‘Nike+ Running Monitor’ within facebook, and follow the instruction on adding the application. This process has a few more steps and is a little more confusing that the Twitter app, but it’s still worth the effort.

Nike+ update on Facebook

Nike+ update on Facebook

Since my Twitter and Facebook profiles have pretty different audiences, I’m excited to see the new feedback I’ll be receiving. This adds to the community of runners nicely. Now, not only can Nike+ users see how my running is going on the Nike website, but I constantly have people offering encouragement and kudos. It really adds to my accountability to run, too.

Think of Nike+ social networks like the angel on your shoulder saying “everyone’s going to know if you stop running, keep it up!”

Nike+ Kit (image from

Nike+ Kit (image from

In a previous post I touched briefly on Nike+, but didn’t go into much detail. While this is not a traditional social media/networking tool, I think it’s interesting how Nike has tapped into those features to create a running community that spans around the world.

How did I find out about it? It all started with an Amazon gift card I was given for my birthday. I knew I needed some new athletic shoes, and am a big fan of Nike Shox. I found a well-priced pair of shoes and saw that they were Nike+ shoes. I had a little more money left on my gift card, so I also purchased the Nike+ iPod Sport kit (it’s listed on Apple’s website for $29).

What does this mean? Basically there is a place cutout in the shoe where you can place a running sensor (Note: you can purchase a ‘pouch’ for your sensor that can be tied into your laces for a lot less then a new pair of shoes). Then, there is a small piece that you plug into your iPod, and, voila! Your sensor can communicate with your iPod to track your run speed, time, calorie burned and distance. Then, when you plug your iPod into your computer, it syncs up with your iTunes and accounts to graph out your run, track your runs to date etc.

Wanna see how it works? Here is a run I just synced up.

BabblingB's Synced Run

BabblingB's Synced Run

All of that is great, but what Nike has done to create community is the interesting part here. You can set personal goals, but you can also set up challenges and invite friends – or, leave it open and anyone can join the challenge.

I’m also a part of a few challenges, such as ‘Most miles in 30 days’ ‘100-mile Milestone Challenge’, or you can set up personal goals – mine is 12 runs in 4 weeks.

I have a ways to go...

I have a ways to go...

My running goal this month

My running goal this month

All in all I am very happy with my Nike+ purchase! It makes running fun for me again, and makes me feel accountable and more determined to run. If you’re a runner, you have to try this out!

Challenge me. My username is ‘brandigirl’. I need the motivation!

So I forgot a few ‘networks’ I’m on. LinkedIn. And I guess I could consider Nike+ a social network as well, especially after running 3.8 miles over lunch! I logged in today and set a goal: 12 runs over the next 4 weeks. I think that’s attainable, since  I’m supposed to be running 3 days per week over lunch, so that right there should push me over my goal.

As I spend my first official ‘hour-only’ foray into keeping up on being totally networked, I am feeling optimistic. I can’t lie, I cheated a little and looked at Twitter and Facebook during work today, but that’s ok, right?

To become ever more efficient in my social networking ways, I have created a favorites list and added it to my bookmarks bar in Safari as an autoclick – so one click, and it launches all my sites in tabs. AWESOME!

My biggest questions still lie with twitter – hashtags? Anyone? I don’t rightly understand them quite yet. Here is what I found:
1) You follow ‘hashtags’, they in turn follow you.
2) You go to their website, and can see what’s going on in the corresponding hashtag area.
That’s all – once I get there, I am lost – how do I easily search for subject matter? I will work on this.

I’m also coming along on this blog. I added tags to this post! Now there is a step in the right direction. Any tips?
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