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Evangelizing social media can be tough, especially when you’re explaining it to people who don’t live in the social world. As I’ve shared before, we’ve been doing a ‘social media road show’ around my company and corporation to provide a high level overview of social media and the value it can bring to the business.

I wanted to share the basic outline of my presentation. Feel free to use elements, and I would suggest providing specific examples of how the slides apply to your company. (P.S. this is my first presentation on SlideShare – it was so easy to use!)

I look forward to hearing your feedback!

I also need to thank and give credit to some people and organizations that I borrowed some content ideas from:
Hubspot, Marta Kagan, and MarketingSherpa.


I love this presentation! I guess Slideshare is another sort of social networking site, although I would use it more to view presentations than to post them. Don’t worry, there is a ‘G’ rated version of this presentation as well… Anyways, interestingly enough Marta includes all the ways you can socially network with her, so I will be adding her to Twitter, and includng her Blog on my blogroll:

P.S. Spending far more than an hour a day on this, but it’s FUN!

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