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The things I’ve learned thus far in my Twitter conquest are quite interesting. No, I haven’t learned how to get rich quick or gain a million followers. Reflecting on the time I spend on Twitter, it’s such a different experience than with any other social media programs I’ve taken part in. When I explain what Twitter is to nonusers, I continually mention the same things over and over. The crazy thing: it’s not just applicable to Twitter – it’s applicable to your life, your work and your personal relationships. Crazy, huh?

So here are the top three things I’ve learned on Twitter (Twitter Teachings, get it?):

  1. Engage in the conversation: Talk with your followers. It’s not about how many people you follow or vice-versa; it’s about engaging in relevant conversations that are beneficial to both parties. While this concept is painfully obvious on Twitter, it’s amazing that more companies don’t realize the benefits of this concept. Engage in conversation with your customers, even after they’ve purchased! The more you engage and interact with your customers, the better you will be able to anticipate their future needs and thus meet them with your products. Better yet, the more you engage, the more you’ll uncover evangelists singing the praises of your product!
  2. Give more, get more: The more you give, the more you get. Seems self explanatory. The more you comment on blog posts, retweet (RT) topics, and give solid information in your arena, the more your networks responds positively to you and returns the favor. It’s cyclical. It’s karma. Pay it forward. Whatever you call it, everyone benefits (especially you!).
  3. It’s all about relationships: You begin to build relationships after a few sub-140 character exchanges. For me, it means adding you to my ‘favorites’ group on Tweetdeck. I don’t want to miss your Tweets and I was to be able to share my advice with you. In turn, I hope when I have my random ‘how-to’ or ‘have you ever’ questions, you will respond. You #followfriday each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

So get engaged in the conversation. Start adding like-minded people, begin contributing to the conversation, commenting on tweets and building your relationship. Oh, and add me so I can be a part of it: @brandiheinz

What have you learned on Twitter?


I don’t recall exactly how many contacts I had on Twitter on Friday morning. What I do know: it was well south of 100 for both people I was following and followers.

I had noticed #FollowFriday before, but never spent time looking into it because, well, it’s Friday and I work or I’m heading out to do something non-computer related on Friday nights. But since I was off on Good Friday and didn’t have much else to do, I started scanning the recommendations. Here’s what they look like:#FollowFriday

It was contagious; I added a few people, then those people were making recommendations, and then people were adding me, and lo and behold after spending a few hours with #FollowFriday, I had around 150 ‘Tweeps’ I was following and a similar amount of followers. To find more people of interest, I went to and searched #FollowFriday with keywords such as ‘social media’ and ‘marketing’ to find people of interest.
With so many new people to follow and keep up on, I asked for tips and recommendations to keep track of everything more easily. Tweetdeck was suggested again and again, so I decided to try it. It’s not the fanciest looking program and I haven’t quite figured out how to take advantage of all the functionality, but it definitely helps me keep track of everything without having multiple Safari windows open.

My new TweetDeck setup

My new TweetDeck setup

Basically, you have a column of your friends, a column for direct messages, and a column for replies. From there, you can run new searches that add more columns. So, I now have columns for my #FollowFriday searches along with searches on products at my work. I also added a column of ‘Favorites’ to keep track of people I know provide valuable information as I sift through all the new messages. Another benefit: Tweetdeck also shortens URLs for you and allows you to reTweet messages very easily.
A few days later, I’ve sifted through and followed back people, unfollowed others, and I am now following 224 people and am up to 239 followers. The key is, not all are legitimate: get rich quick, business developers, random people. But, I have made connections with some really interesting people and am looking forward to more #FollowFridays!

Twitter is probably the newest social media outlet I’ve become a part of, and it’s quickly becoming my new obsession. I didn’t really get the point at first, but have come to find it’s terribly addicting!

My new favorite ‘feature’ I’ve found is TweetStats. You follow their Twitter account, then go to their website, put in your account name, and view statistics on your account. So cool! And another fuel to my fire of using Twitter for work – instant analytics! You can also see overall Twitter stats.

Twitter Stats April 4, 2009

Twitter Stats April 4, 2009

I downloaded Twhirl, but I may look into Tweetdeck or Twitterfeed  since I’ve found it just as easy to just use the web application for updates. I also find it interesting how celebrities use Twitter. I’ve been following Perez Hilton on there, and have heard about Diddy and John Mayer being Twitter junkies – and this is proof! I just may have to start following them to see what all the buzz is about. In fact, I heard a big reason Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer broke up was due to Twitter? Hopefully my own addiction doesn’t hinder my relationship…

brandiheinz TweetCloud


I’ve only been on Twitter around a month, so my stats are a little lame. But I find the TweetCloud pretty cool, and you can see your top 5 Tweet words. Mine are marketing, twitter, event, awesome, work. Need to stop using awesome as a descriptor so much!

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