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Twitter is probably the newest social media outlet I’ve become a part of, and it’s quickly becoming my new obsession. I didn’t really get the point at first, but have come to find it’s terribly addicting!

My new favorite ‘feature’ I’ve found is TweetStats. You follow their Twitter account, then go to their website, put in your account name, and view statistics on your account. So cool! And another fuel to my fire of using Twitter for work – instant analytics! You can also see overall Twitter stats.

Twitter Stats April 4, 2009

Twitter Stats April 4, 2009

I downloaded Twhirl, but I may look into Tweetdeck or Twitterfeed  since I’ve found it just as easy to just use the web application for updates. I also find it interesting how celebrities use Twitter. I’ve been following Perez Hilton on there, and have heard about Diddy and John Mayer being Twitter junkies – and this is proof! I just may have to start following them to see what all the buzz is about. In fact, I heard a big reason Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer broke up was due to Twitter? Hopefully my own addiction doesn’t hinder my relationship…

brandiheinz TweetCloud


I’ve only been on Twitter around a month, so my stats are a little lame. But I find the TweetCloud pretty cool, and you can see your top 5 Tweet words. Mine are marketing, twitter, event, awesome, work. Need to stop using awesome as a descriptor so much!


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