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Where have I BEEN!?! I know, I’ve been neglecting my social media obsession and my blog. So, I decided to share my engagement pictures – that of course were posted on my photographer’s fantabulous blog.

You may recall from my previous post that I’ve been using social media as much as possible in planning my Florida destination wedding. Case in point – Amanda Suanne Photography. I had come across her name in my research, and happened to know someone who was standing up in a wedding in Florida. She mentioned that her friend’s engagement pictures were awesome – and the rest is history.

Here are a few of our favorites (more here). Hope you like them as much as we do! And thanks for allowing me to share my show-and-tell. 🙂

Brandi and Mike EngagementBrandi and Mike Shutters
Brandi and Mike laughing


Image from the Huffington Post

I’ve only been engaged for about 3 months now, but I’ve done a TON of research online. Since I’m planning a Florida wedding from Chicago, I have lots to research so I can capitalize on my few trips to Florida between now and our April 30, 2011 wedding.

Planning from afar can be tough and you have to make a lot of judgments by photos and email correspondence alone. However, I have figured out some ways to cut through the clutter and I figured I’d share my findings, along with specific examples (most are going to be in the Pensacola/Panama City area, but you’ll get the idea).

1) Standard Wedding Planning Websites: Of course, is a favorite and always recommended. I spent a ton of time on here to begin with, but soon became a little bored with the site. Since I’m interested in doing as much DIY as possible, I’ve really became a huge fan of – plus their budget tool is the best one I’ve tried so far.

2) Photography/Event Planner blogs: This is my biggest finding and what I’ve been telling all my friends to check out (FYI I have TEN weddings to attend in 2010…). Photography and Event Planner blogs are great for ideas and getting a feel for what kind of wedding and photographers you want. It’s the perfect way for these businesses to showcase what they can do, and it’s a great way to get a taste of their style – not to mention you almost feel like you’re getting to know them by reading their blog posts. Personally, I’ve found that I definitely want a casual, intimate beach wedding, and I’ve learned I’m looking for a more photojournalistic photography style. No need for too many posed shots as far as I’m concerned – bring on the candids at our fun beach party!
Faves: CookImages.comMeg Baisden Photography, Pure 7 Studios, Shelby Peaden EventsBliss Event Group

3) Wedding Communities/Blogs: I’ve joined two wedding communities AND these communities happen to have awesome blogs as well: and Marry Me at the Beach (just starting up). I would definitely recommend finding communities that fit your needs – these ones combine basic forums with photos and profiles to make it more of a dynamic experience to find brides with similar interests to you.

Next Time: Twitter. I haven’t gotten to a point where I’ve really built up my Twitter Wedding network yet, but that’s next on my list. Any suggestions?

Will you marry me?

How the proposal happened!

I got engaged.

Afterwards, we spent a lot of time calling everyone special in our lives. It took a while. The funny thing: one of the first questions a friend asked me was: Did you Tweet about the engagement yet?

Yes, I guess my friends know me – I love social media. I had friends congratulating me on my engagement before I even posted anything—and when I did post it, the response was overwhelming! But my focus has shifted from spending hours on social media to spending that time checking out various wedding websites, gathering ideas and trying to figure out how we envision our ‘big day.’ The time I used to spend reading my favorite blogs, brushing up on the latest social media trends, and connecting with everyone on my social networks has decreased significantly.

Last night, I got a bright idea – why not mix these two activities? Why not use these social networks to help get ideas, references and advice on all things wedding? And so it begins…

What’s your favorite online wedding planning resource?
Anyone have any ideas on creating a low budget, casual beach wedding?
Where can I find great beach house rentals in Florida? (I want a beach wedding…☺)

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